Admission policy


At the South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushynsky (the University) the academic year for students in the pre-university programs is from September 1st to July 1st, and consists of 2 semesters. The academic year for students in the Bachelor program (full-time and part-time education) is from September 1st to July 1st, and consists of 8 semesters. The academic year for students in the Specialist program (full-time and part-time education) is from September 1st to July 1st, and consists of 2 semesters (part-time education in the direction «Psychology» - 4 semesters). The academic year for students in the Master program (full-time and part-time education) is from September 1st to January 1st, and consists of 3 semesters. Postgraduate Study and Doctorate Programme takes 3 academic years (off-job raining) or 4 academic years (on-job raining) to complete. All classes offered at our University are taught in either the Russian or Ukrainian language.

The University operates a department that supports foreign students and their preparation for higher education. This department provides the following opportunities for foreigners:

1. 10-month, pre-university, language preparation course, to qualify students for study at the University;

2. Language preparation for foreign students who are enrolled in major fields of study (Bachelor, Specialist and Master Diploma Programs);

3. Language preparation during graduate studies;

4. Language training for foreign teachers in the Russian and Ukrainian languages.

The instruction of international students is provided by a special Department of General Subjects and Language Preparation for Foreign Citizens as well as by instructors of the Faculty of Foreign Languages.

If you are interested in the curriculum of a particular course, please look through a list of the faculties. You can find this list at

Letter of Invitation

In order to receive official invitation letter to study at the University, the applicant should contact the firm or address on his own in the international department and provide the following information: name and surname, date of birth, passport number and its translation into Ukrainian language, motivation letter, application form, address of residence, and place of submission of visa application (country and city with the Embassy or General Consulate of Ukraine).

The University has entered into Agreements with the following firm for the purpose of assistance in the placement of foreign students at our University.

1. Mrs. Gaponova Larysa. ТОВ «Агенція бізнес співпраці». Tel: 718-64-37, 718-64-38. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

With the invitation letter prospective students can apply for entrance visas at the Ukrainian Embassies and General Consulates. Please find out the details of getting the visa to Ukraine in your country. Applications for admission of foreign citizens to the University are generally accepted each year from August 15th to November 15th.

Conditions of Admission

Foreigners having a degree of complete general secondary education shall be admitted to study in Ukraine. Foreigners, who studied in higher educational institutions of foreign countries, shall be admitted for the further obtaining of higher education in Ukraine on the basis of documents evidencing the completed educational-qualification level. Foreigners, who have the complete higher education and expressed their skills for scientific and research work shall be admitted to the postgraduate courses of higher educational and scientific institutions.


List of Documents and Procedures for Their Submission

Foreigners-candidates for obtaining education in Ukraine shall submit the following documents:

- Original of the secondary school diploma and transcripts or college / university diploma and transcripts and theirs translations into Ukrainian language. This document must be notarized and approved by the Consulate of Ukraine in the country of residence;

- The medical certificate of the state of health certified by an official health care authority of a country, where a foreigner has come from, and issued at least two months prior the entrance into Ukraine for education;

- An original and copy of the Passport;

- A copy of the birth certificate;

- 6 photographs having the size of 6?4 sm.

Preparatory Year. Language Studies

Foreigners (except for those taking degree of a candidate or doctor of science, and postgraduate students), who do not speak the Ukrainian language, or any other language of studies shall be admitted to the preparatory faculties (departments) for foreigners of higher educational institutions for one year pursuant to the results of testing.

Cost of Training

Training fee (in dollars) for foreign students for 2015/2016 is:

1. Preparatory department: 1000 $

2. The Bachelor’s degree: 1500-1700 $ (full-time training) and 1500 $ (part-time training)

3. The Specialist’s degree: 1500-1700 $ (full-time training) and 1500 $ (part-time training)

4. The Master’s degree: 1700-2100 $ (full-time training) and 1500 $ (part-time training)

5. Postgraduate Study: 2700 $ (off-job training) and 2000 $ (on-job training)

6. Doctorate Programme: 2700 $ (off-job training) and 2500 $ (on-job training)

7. Accommodation fee in the student’s dormitory is $ 15 per a month.


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