Creative young people of Odessa – 2017

February 22 at the Odessa Philharmonic Hall there was conducted the awarding ceremony  "Creative Youth of Odesa - 2017". The graduates and students of the Faculty of Philology were presented in several categories and received prizes, including:

  1. Nomination "Sportsman of the year" – a student of the Faculty of Physical Education Vitaliy Gilewicz;
  2. Nomination "Creative personality of the year" – a university graduate student and employee of the University Katerina Tkachenko, who was also a presenter of the award;
  3. Nomination "Non-standard creativity of the year" - a graduate of the Faculty of Primary Education Gennadiy Tsvetkov;
  4. Nomination "Flashmob of the year" - We choose the world without war, conducted within the School of Leaders 2016;
  5. Nomination "The Leader of the Year" – a 3rd year student of the Faculty of Philology Tetiana Doskochynska.

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