A baby's smile is the most important thing

A charitable action "Bring joy to children", initiated by the chair of family and special pedagogy and psychology at the initiative of teachers. O. Buzdugan, Associate Professor, Ph.D., and D. Velichko, Ph.D., has become traditional in the faculty of preschool pedagogy and psychology. In the framework of the action on December 19, 2017, the students prepared a charity presentation, where they introduced the history and traditions of the holiday "St. Nicholas Day" to the participants, as well as faculty staff organized a trade fair for selling culinary products and sweets made by students. The action, which was aimed at raising funds for orphanages of the Odessa region, was held under the slogan "Every child waits for St. Nicholas". All received money will be used for the needs of the Odessa Specialized Baby Orphanage №3 "Sonechko" in Odessa. The students and faculty staff initiated the support and continuation of this charitable tradition in the future. The foreign students of the University actively participated in the festival. Their participation in the events of the faculty has become traditional.

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