Educational excursions in the preparation of future teachers

In order to attract students to the museum culture at the Faculty of Preschool Pedagogy and Psychology of South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K. D. Ushynsky during May, educational excursions to the Odessa literary museum were organized. The innovative component of the new form of educational process was the musical accompaniment of the process of knowledge of high art - listening to classical works by J.S. Bach, A. Scriabin,   S. Rachmaninov, and others. Special interest of students and trainers was caused by the winners of international competitions A. Stepanova and V. Volkonsky (saxophone).
The students also visited the exhibition of paintings by Olga Kotlyarova entitled "Three Generations", where they had the opportunity to get acquainted with different genres and techniques of fine arts.
The Student Council of the Faculty of the Faculty of Preschool Pedagogy and Psychology of Ushynsky University expresses gratitude to the teachers: V.O. Inzhestokova, A.I. Prosenyuk, I.V. Buzhina, A. G. Kolesnik for the high organizational level of educational and cultural activities.

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